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Meet Coach Andrew Culgin

The master of shenanigans and the heart of our club. He’s the one who always knows how to make everyone laugh and keep things positive. With years of experience in ground arts, Andrew has become a valuable asset to our team. He’s not only a supportive partner to Coach D, but a skilled coach in his own right.

From supporting Coach D in her competitive years to stepping up to learn new skills as a coach, Andrew has shown a decades-long dedication to personal growth and development. Not only has he thrived on the mats, but he’s also stepped into the ring as a veteran competitor and continues to chase his own goals. He’s also gained valuable knowledge in fitness leadership and direction and is a certified Level 1 & 2 WAKO Coach with certifications in the WAKO Officials course. With Coach Andrew on your team, you’ll have all the motivation and support you need to reach your goals.

Meet Coach Lynn Venne

She’s the ultimate example of hard work and dedication. Coach Lynn joined our club back in 2012 and through her unwavering commitment, has transformed her life. She’s put in countless hours on the mats and has never made excuses, always taking accountability for her progress.

As a National Kick Light Champion, Coach Lynn is a true inspiration. She not only manages the club and serves as a level 1 WAKO certified coach but also leads our Kick Light team. She’s one of the hardest workers in the room and constantly leads by example, paying it forward with an open mind and positive attitude.

Coach Lynn’s story is a testament to the empowering impact of our Team Onna Bugeisha program for women. She’s proof that with hard work and dedication, anyone can reach their goals in health and fitness, and set the bar as high as they want.

Meet Coach Angela

Meet Coach Angela – a true standout on our mats. As an original graduate of our Team Onna Bugeisha program, she’s exceeded her own expectations and become a valued member of our Instructing team, as well as one of our strongest Full Contact Competitive members.

Coach Angela is a highly motivating and energetic coach, loved by all members and teammates. Her enthusiasm is contagious whether she’s instructing a class or training. She’s always willing to train with members of any skill level, and her dedication to her own personal growth serves as an inspiration for others.

She’s the perfect example of how taking baby steps turn into giant Leaps. Not only has she achieved her weight loss goals and reshaped her life, but she’s also become a role model for others showing how to thrive and grow by stepping out of your comfort zone. And while she’s great as a coach, you might want to think twice before gloving up with her, cause she’s a beast!

Meet Coach Andrea DiBattista

Coach Andrea, also known as Witchy Fist, is an alum of our Team Onna Bugeisha program and a valuable member of our Instructing and Competitive team. As a Level 1 WAKO certified coach, Andrea is living proof that our approach and processes really work.

She’s highly skilled and has put in the time to develop her skills and knowledge. Coach Andrea is always pushing herself to improve, whether it’s being an awesome training partner, a dedicated instructor in class, or a fierce competitor in Kick Light.

With an open mind and a constant drive to grow, Andrea is always eager to give words of encouragement to her students and teammates. She’s a valuable member of our team and an inspiration to many of our students.

Meet Coach Widow

Meet Coach Mike Widawski (a.k.a Widow)
What can we say about Widow… An OG in our local kickboxing community, Widow brings years of valuable skill and experience to the team. He is Level 1 WAKO certified coach, who walks the walk and talks he talk. His no excuse attitude is the reason why he is the 165lbs Northern Fights 4-man tournament champion. He doesn’t shy away for putting in the work and is always present whether it be in coaching or in partnering with all of our upcoming athletes.

Meet Coach Craig Grillanda

Meet Coach Craig – our resident boxing expert. He joined our team in 2020 as a retired pro level competitor with a strong amateur record. As a WAKO Level 1 certified coach, he primarily works with our Intermediate level members and Competitive team.

At our club, we believe in developing all tools to create well-rounded athletes, and Coach Craig brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the boxing world. He’s known for his positive attitude and open-minded approach, often creating boxing drills that can easily be applied to Kickboxing.

His calm coaching style is one of his greatest assets, allowing him to effectively demonstrate, communicate and adapt his lesson plan to a diverse group of students with varying skill levels. He truly is a valuable addition to our team, and we’re thrilled to have Coach Craig on board to help our members reach their full potential. He Rocks!

Meet Coach Jocelyne

Meet Coach Jocelyne, also known as Mama Joce – a graduate of our Team Onna Bugeisha program and one of our founding members. She’s a staple of our Instructing and Competitive Kick Light team and a Level 1 WAKO certified coach who’s always pushing the pace and setting goals.

Mama Joce is more than just a coach, she’s a huge part of the heart of our team. She’s always stepping forward to help with fundraising initiatives and club event planning, making her much of the glue that holds our team together. But don’t let her big heart fool you, Mama Joce is also a Provincial Kick Light Champion and is always happy to put on gloves and shins to demonstrate her skills and toughness.