Sudbury Kickboxing Academy offers several classes and membership options, take a look below for the current class list

ALL Member Kickboxing (Ages 14+)

ALL Member Kickboxing classes are the perfect place for new members and more experienced members alike. They are fitness based with minimal contact. As a recreational “fitness based” program, members have fun and get fit all while learning kickboxing skills true to the art.

No experience is required to attend any of our ALL Member Kickboxing classes. We will teach you everything that you need to know. Our schedule is jam packed with options and our classes always revolve around inclusion with a focus on team. At S.K.A, our members certainly do “…get by with a little help from our friends”.

Team Onna Bugeisha
“Female Samurai”


Sudbury Kickboxing Academy placed Ladies Kickboxing on the map in Sudbury. We are the home of Team Onna Bugeisha. The term Onna Bugeisha translates to ‘Female Warrior/Samurai‘ and our team is true to that translation. In this recreational/fitness based Ladies program you will punch, kick and kiai (battle shout) your frustrations away.

Team Onna Bugeisha is modelled around team-work and empowerment. At Sudbury Kickboxing Academy we believe that all members play an important role in our success. All levels of fitness are welcome in this program. This program has minimal contact and does not include sparring.

Unleash YOUR Inner Samurai!!! 
This program is offered in memberships with classes running from 6 to 7 pm Tuesdays & Thursdays.

Intermediate Kickboxing and Boxing

These classes are intended for members who are looking for the true experience of the sport. The primary focus in our Intermediate program is on advanced cardio conditioning, partner drilling, body conditioning and pre-competitive light contact sparring. Members DO NOT have compete to attend this program but must wear pre-approved competitive level equipment and become registered members of WAKO Canada. There is no additional fee for access to this program. However, attendance is tracked as a requirement for access. By invite program.

REQUIRED:  Must be registered with WAKO Canada, 16oz gloves (not used in regular classes), Shin guards, Mouth Guard & Head Gear. These protocols have been put in place for the safety of our members.

Are you competitive enough 
to take on the challenge?


Group Strength Training

Looking to gain muscle, shed some unwanted pounds and tone for the summer? This group strength program has everything you need. Classes are 45 minutes in length and may include a mix of weights, kettlebells, fitness circuits and calisthenic (body weight) training. Available in 1 month packages or free with a 3 month Kickboxing membership. Primarily led and programmed by our own Coach D who is certified in Can Fit Pro Group Fitness and Personal Training.


Fitness Area Access

Free of Charge for Full-Time Kickboxing Members

At Sudbury Kickboxing Academy we believe that strength training is very important. As an extra for our membership, our facility is loaded with equipment that our members can use free of charge during regular business hours.  Stop in for a run on our treadmill, spend some time on our rowing machine, push the sled on our green or lift some weights/throw some kettlebell.  All tools that will improve your Kickboxing game.

Note: Fitness area memberships are not an option at this time.

1-On-1 Private Kickboxing Sessions

Non-Members Welcome!

Looking for 1 on 1 private training?  Group classes not your thing? 

We have a vast team of male and female Coaches that can help you get started.

  • $35 per 45min session (members)
  • $45 per 45min session (non-members)